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As the animated Bush-Kerry parody produced by JibJab draws the attention of the music publisher that owns the Guthrie song, the appetite for political humor continues to grow. White House Joust, a game that features the two top candidates in the fight of their lives, is making its way into internet mailboxes around the county.

The game, available as a free download at, pokes fun at the cast of characters involved in this years election.

Players can play as President George Bush or Senator John Kerry. According to the game you control these candidates with your keyboard, unlike Washington Lobbyists, who control their political figures with money.

The game is bi-partisan, says Dan Ferguson, Creative Director at It doesnt matter which side of the political fence you are on. We poke fun at everyone equally.

Winged politicians and celebrities with oversized heads, fly back and forth in front of the White house, releasing a barrage of humorous audio clips while attempting to joust one another. Some audio clips are obviously spoofs, but the real audio clips from some of President Bushs speeches will make anyone laugh.

While the game is humorous, it does send an important message to Americans to exercise their rights and let their voices be heard.

Millions of people play our games every day at work, and this gives us an opportunity to tell them that after goofing off, go vote, says Ferguson. Our system is hanging chad error free!

When players post their scores to a world wide leader board, a vote is added to a candidates poll. Players can see which candidate is more popular than the other.

Over 700,000 people have played the game since its release on the game site,

As of today, Bush was ahead of Kerry on the scoreboard with 53% of the votes.

The Blockdot team is no stranger to creating political parodies. In the nineties, Dan Ferguson helped create a popular series of games starring President Bill Clinton.

We received letters from Clinton staffers who loved the games we did back then. Hopefully the current administration will have a similar sense of humor!

Blockdot is a Dallas-based interactive professional services firm focused on creative marketing solutions and Advergame development.

White House Joust Direct links to the game files

Play the Game Online:

Downloadable PC File

Downloadable Mac File

About Blockdot and was built to serve as a launching pad for the games created by Blockdot, an award winning creative and technology firm based in Dallas, Texas. Blockdot's creates awarding winning web sites, Advergames and Viral Marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. Their work has garnered many awards including Brandweek's Marketers of the Next Generation Award, Macromedia's Site of the Day, SXSW Peoples Choice Award, and several ADDYs. The game site, is one of the Top 50 Game Portals on the Internet.]>
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